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Noah Lee is currently a Senior Principal Research Data Scientist for the Infrastructure Data Science team at Meta Platforms, Inc. He serves as a technical lead for various strategic key initiatives to help teams turn data into decisions and solutions to optimize performance, reliability, and productivity at scale.

His research spans various topics at the intersection of machine learning, software engineering, and biomedical engineering. He has made significant contributions to the field of retinal, cardiac, and cancer image analysis with applications to blindness, heart disease, and diagnostic cancer treatment. His work is strongly interdisciplinary and his former research projects span the spectrum of biomedical engineering, neuro engineering, machine learning, data mining, medical image analysis, computer aided diagnosis, health care technology and clinical healthcare applications. He served as a lead researcher and contributor for several funded NEI, NMH, and NIH grants of over $10+ million dollars. Part of his research built the foundation for funded grant applications in response to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Lately, his research focus spans the intersection of machine learning and software engineering. He has published more then 35 papers at the top research venues such as TPAMI, KDD, AAAI, PLoS, MICAAI, ISBI, IOVS.

He has served in the Program Committee for CAIN 2022 and served as an invited reviewer for over 60+ papers from 13+ different publishers. He has 5 patents and according to Google Scholar has been cited over 1,100+ times with a h-index of 17. He received his PhD from Columbia University and did his post-doc at the Columbia University Medical Center.


In his free time he enjoys traveling the world with his family, playing around with robots, and enjoying delicous food.

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